Easy to rent, no complicated documents

motorbike rental phuket

motorbike rental phuket What type of motorcycle are you looking for? Which model? Or not sure which model to choose? You can contact and inquire with the shop.

motorbike rental phuket Because each shop has

many motorcycles to choose from.

Finally, I would like to leave you with a little more information. Although driving a motorcycle is convenient and faster than driving a motorcycle But you must not forget to drive with caution. Be mindful and careless. Use the right speed And always wear a helmet for both drivers and passengers. For safety too.




Can be negotiable, but if you bargain too hard for a bike

the owner will probably give you the worst bike in the shop and keep the better bike for someone motorbike rental phuket  else who wants to pay more money. A cheap rental price might only mean a cheap bike that costs extra money for fuel, repairs and heaps of worry while on tour. Hire prices in Chiang Mai are very cheap with most of the shops struggling to survive in low season. So, take care of your bike, don’t try to screw the shop owner, and they’ll be there when you come back next time.

motorbike rental phuket

Irresponsible behaviour leads to accidents, please drive safely!

Whenever you run into a motorbike accident in Thailand and your bike has some damage, don’t try to be cool and hide it from the rental company. These rental companies are professionals and this is one of the ways they make money. ufabetwin666

Be honest, face the consequences as stated in the contract and admit what happened. You will probably get away with paying a little less by being nice. If you start arguing I assure you they will make you pay the price stated in the contract and find even more damage.


motorbike rental phuket


May you run into a serious accident stay calm and don’t do anything stupid like driving away. motorbike rental phuket  Everyone around you speaking Thai might intimidate you, but even in these situations there is always a friendly Thai that will help you. Feel free to read our recommendations for motorbike or scooter rentals in Thailand and Koh phuket